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Ronnie Barron

Bon Ton Roulette

Ricky Nye

Born 1956 in Cincinnati, this long time resident is a multi-faceted gem in the music business. Influenced by legends Big Ed Thompson, H-Bomb Ferguson, Big Joe Duskin, and Pigmeat Jarrett , he dedicated himself to blues and boogie piano. As a performer, he has dominated the Cincinnati area music awards for years, and his skill and taste put him in demand for multiple recording sessions in different musical genres. He has been an international ambassador for the art of traditional boogie and blues piano, and he has successfully mentored young pianists like Ben Levin, who appear equipped and motivated to carry on this great music. As a promoter, his Boogie and Blues Piano Summits (and the recordings thereof) are major accomplishments. You can learn more about Ricky from his website, and by listening to his interview with Justin in Mambo Sauce Episode #6. His performances in this episode are superb and his style is driving, complex, and at the same time relaxed with breathing space in between the notes.......just like the masters he channels and pays homage to.

Written by Thomas Moore

Blues & Boogie Piano Summits (2nd-12th)


Released: 2001-10

Label: 1-2-3 Records
Country: USA