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Mr. B (Mark BrauN)

Mr. B (Mark Lincoln Braun) was born in Flint, MI in 1957. Mr. B studied piano under the influences of "Boogie Woogie Red" and other famous area musicians. Between listening to records as well as the local musicians, and receiving one-on-one instructions from the local musicians, Braun's music career had begun. Mr. B. graduated from Flint Southwestern High School and attended the University of Michigan, and later "pursued a career in blues and boogie woogie style piano." Mr. B, with J.C. Heard, released the album “Partners in Time” in 1988.  Songs featured on the album include “Down the Road Apiece”, written by Freddie Slack, “Rock Little Baby”, written by Cecil Gant, and “Blues for the Night Owls”, performed with George Bedard and written by Sonny Thompson. Mr. B also released the album “Shining the Pearls” in 1986, and included is the song “Rocket Action” written by Mr. B (Mark Braun) and George Bedard.

Mr. B created "Mr. B's Joybox Express", merging his passion for music and athletics, and raising funds for athletics and the arts for children. Starting with a fundraising concert, Mr. B commissioned friend Mark Nobilette to build him a platform that allowed him to pull a 350-pound piano with a bicycle. In 2009, he made his first ride, covering 150 miles in Michigan, playing music and raising funds along the way. In 2014, they expanded, making the 1840 mile, 75 day Mississippi River Road Ride, riding from Lake Itasca, MN, to New Orleans. Joybox Express continues today as a 501(c)(3) raising funds to enhance children's lives.

Biography by Kathryn Johnson & Justin Flagel

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Shining The Pearls/Partners In Time


Released: 1986/88

Label: Blind Pig Records
Country: US