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Ronnie Barron

Bon Ton Roulette

Junior Wells

Amos Wells Blakemore Junior was born in 1934, probably in West Memphis Arkansas. He learned harmonica directly from his cousin, the excellent Junior Parker, and the legendary Rice "Sonny Boy Williamson II" Miller. He migrated to Chicago in 1948 and remained a musical fixture there until his death in 1998. He joined the fantastic Aces (drummer Fred Below, guitarists Louis, and Dave Myers), and also did a stint with Muddy Waters. His name will forever be mentioned in tandem with Buddy Guy and the cuts presented in Episode #7 were Neil Raabe's favorites. His recording output is enormous and listeners would be well advised to explore Junior on the internet. His fiery vocals, less-is-more approach to the harmonica, coupled with his songwriting prowess and unmatched stage presence, make him a true blues monolith. He wrote the anthemic "Messing With The Kid", "Little By Little", "Hoodoo Man Blues", and "Bark". Neil and I were able to see him several times, and he was an unforgettable musician and personality.

Written by Thomas Moore

It's My Life, Baby


Released: 1966

Label: Vanguard
Country: US