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Ronnie Barron

Bon Ton Roulette

Joe “Guitar” Hughes

Joe “Guitar” (Maurice) Hughes was born in Houston, Texas in 1937.  Joe served as bandleader at Shady's Playhouse from 1958 through 1963, cutting a few singles of his own in his spare time ("I Can't Go on This Way," "Ants in My Pants," "Shoe Shy"). In the 1960’s, Joe was with the Upsetters and the Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland. Joe was inactive in the 70s. He toured in Europe starting in the 1980s. “I Can’t Figure Out Women” first Appeared on “Blues as Big As Texas” LP in 1980.  Joe came back to the spotlight for Black Top Records in 1989, when he had inserted "Guitar" as his middle name. Joe released “Texas Guitar Slinger” (1996, Blueseye Blues), “Down & Depressed: Dangerous” (1997, Munich), and “Stuff Like That” (2001, Blues Express), which contained slashing blends of blues and soul.  After half a century of playing the blues, Joe "Guitar" Hughes passed away on May 20, 2003 after suffering a heart attack.

Written by Kathryn Johnson

Blues As Big As Texas Vol. 1


Released: 1988

Label: Home Cooking Records
Country: US