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Ronnie Barron

Bon Ton Roulette

James Carr

The son of a Baptist minister, James’ musical roots started in his youth, performing in gospel groups in Memphis, Tennessee. Born in 1942, he made his first recordings with Goldwax records in the mid-60’s. The label had its biggest successes with James, who had a series of hits on the R&B chart between 1967 & 1969, including “You’ve Got My Mind Messed Up” and “The Dark End of the Street”.  James was noted to be a "one of a kind talent and sound". “Coming Back to Me Baby”, written by American songwriter George Jackson, was released on James' “That’s What I Want To Know” LP in 1966. James performed internationally, including in Japan in 1979. James toured the blues circuits in America and Europe in 1991. James struggled throughout his life with severe depression and bi-polar disorder, and died at the age of 58 in January, 2001 from lung cancer.  James is often mentioned in the same breath as Otis Redding in terms of the wrenching emotional power in his delivery.

Written by Kathryn Johnson

The Complete Goldwax Singles


Released: 2001

Label: Kent Soul
Country: UK