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Ronnie Barron

Bon Ton Roulette

Eddie C Campbell

Eddie C was born in Duncan, Mississippi in 1939. He moved to Chicago around 1949 and, by 1951, he had immersed himself in learning to play guitar and sing. He worked hard enough to eventually earn spots in the bands of Jimmy Reed, Howling Wolf, Little Johnny Taylor, and Little Walter. His performances with those bands lead to a stint in Willie Dixon's Blues All Stars in 1976! His clean-toned stinging guitar, big voice, and outstanding song writing and songs selection earned him a debut recording "King Of The Jungle". 3 of those songs are featured in Episode #7. Eddie lit out to Europe in 1984 and remained there for 10 years. He was able to record 8 more albums between 1984 and 2012. In 2013, he suffered a stroke while on a European tour and he died in 2018 in Chicago.

Written by Thomas Moore

King of the Jungle


Released: 197

Label: Mr. Blues
Country: US