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Ronnie Barron

Bon Ton Roulette

Barrelhouse Chuck

Sadly, Chuck passed away on December 12, 2016 , but he left his mark as an-all-time great right along with his heroes and mentors Otis Spann, Pine Top Perkins, Little Brother Montgomery, Erwin Helfer, Sunnyland Slim, Stevie Winwood, Johnnie Johnson, Jerry Lee Lewis, and others! Born July 10, 1958 in Columbus Ohio, he ended his career justifiably as a member of Kim Wilson's Blues All Stars, going out on top with the best in the business! He spent his lifetime recording and playing with the best Chicago had to offer and is an irreplaceable link between musical generations. Chuck lived a hard core musician's life and he definitely was a tough and tenacious individual. He was known for giving his all at every performance.


Chuck was known well and much loved by Neil Raabe.  Neil saw Chuck numerous times, including an unforgettable performance with Sunnyland Slim at the Chicago Blues Festival! Chuck was also a preservationist and historian, and the good deeds he did daily for Sunnyland, Pine Top, Erwin, and Little Brother were from the heart, unsolicited, and devoid of ulterior motive!

Written by Thomas Moore.