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Ricky Nye: Blues and Boogie Piano Summits (Ep. 6)

Ricky Nye- Boogie and Blues Piano Summits puts you in a front row seat at several of the Cincinnati Pianist's stellar annual events. Featured are searing performances by late greats Barrelhouse Chuck and Charlie Booty, as well as still living icons Ricky Nye, his mentor Carl Sonny Leyland, and Ann Arbor's piano and vocal hurricane Mark "Mr B" Braun.  If that's not enough, we also throw in guitar magic on several cuts from our good friend George Bedard, who Ricky hired as house guitarist for several of the Summits! As an extra feature, Justin interviews Ricky, who tells about his musical origins and the special attributes of the artists featured in this episode!

Ricky Nye- Boogie and Blues Piano Summits  features cuts from:
Highlights From The Fourth Annual Blues & Boogie Piano Summit (1-2-3 Records, 2003), The Fifth Annual Blues and Boogie Piano Summit (1-2-3 Records, 2004), Tenth Anniversary Blues & Boogie Piano Summit (1-2-3 Records, 2009), 11th Annual Blues & Boogie Piano Summit (1-2-3 Records, 2010), and 12th Annual Blues & Boogie Piano Summit (1-2-3 Records, 2011)

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Mambo Sauce is a music-heavy podcast diving into American Roots music, including blues, rockabilly, soul and more. South Bend area hosts Justin Flagel and Tom Moore dig into the massive vinyl music collection left to Tom by his late friend, Neil Otto Raabe. Together, they tell the stories of the artists, as well as the tales of Tom, Neil, and friends discovering their music.


Neil Otto Raabe,Mike Murphy, Thomas McGlinn

Chicago, circa 1979

Hosts Tom Moore & Justin Flagel